Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lantern Moon

I took my shawl outside at 5pm and got a picture just before darkness hit. It's becoming an obsession. :) Last night's 'just one more row' turned into about seven rows.

After work Beth and I ran to Chapters to do some Christmas shopping. We scored big. I haven't been in Chapters for a long time. Most of my reading now is ebooks. They had some cool stuff including the Apple section. And the store wasn't too busy. Beth needed to run into the liquor store (next door to Chapters) to get a bottle of wine for a Christmas gift. She said that 7pm was the perfect time to go. The store was empty. Then an hour of knitting while watching Survivor. I'm into the fourth section - double strand of C.

We received some cute bags from Lantern Moon today. Just in time for a last minute gift. The Rosette Bag.
Lantern Moon took a silk drawstring bag and covered it with tiny rosettes. Great size for small to medium sized projects! 6.5” square base x 9”h
I had my shawl in the bag and there was still room for one more ball of yarn. They hold quite a bit.

The Velvet Rose Tool Holder
Ruffled velvet atop a colorful hand woven pattern. Woven pattern & colors will vary, reflective of the loomed craft. Reinforced center for stashing scissors. The velvet ruffles delicately hold needles, hooks, shawl pins, pencils, pens, and more.   4"h x 4"w 
Here is a little bit about Lantern Moon for those who aren't familiar with the company.
Lantern Moon is a small, vibrant, innovative company with global connections, celebrating our twelfth year of business in 2013. We have offices in Portland, Oregon and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Lantern Moon is proud to offer beautiful and functional handcrafted products, providing continuity of training and employment for women and families. The natural materials that inspire our designs are combined with traditional handcrafting skills that have been passed down from generation to generation, and are indigenous to these regions. We are currently working with producing groups in VietnamCambodia and Bali, Indonesia. 
We pay fair wages from our initial interactions and incorporate any increases as community economies require. We audit our suppliers to be sure that health and safety are maintained in the production of a Lantern Moon product. We aspire, through our work with these communities, to strengthen independence and promote self-reliance.
It's time to get back to my knitting. I told you I was obsessed. CSI is on as well and it's hard to figure out who killed Santa while I'm writing.

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