Sunday, December 22, 2013


I hope everyone has had a safe day. The ice storm was something.
It looks pretty but talk about scary. I didn't walk outside at all today. We had to be very careful with the dogs going into the backyard. We thought about taking them out front but it was so icy that it didn't seem like it would have been any better.

There is a forest behind our complex and you could here the trees cracking. It sounded like gun shots all day.

We had power until 2 this afternoon. Then all of a sudden it was gone. Couldn't watch football so the next best thing was to nap. Beth went for a nap too. I woke her at 5:30 and the power was still out. What to do? I suggested she check my parents house. She was skeptical and went to prove me wrong. BINGO. They had power. She came back and we packed to move there for the night or nights. The hydro website said we might not have power until Tuesday evening. We packed a little too much. Knitting. Computer. Food. Clothes. Pillows. iPads.... She left with the dogs and most of the stuff and then was coming back for me. Just as she got everything unpacked the power came on here. She repacked and came home. Now she's out to see if the power is on in the store.

Beth just called. Wilson Street is black. No power. Trees everywhere. If you're heading out to see us in the morning, please call before you come. I'll head over in the morning and post updates on Facebook. If you don't have Facebook the updates show up on the right side of the blog under Tweets.

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