Monday, December 02, 2013

Home stretch

We had great seats for the football game yesterday afternoon.

The day started out a bit shaky. It took 2 hours to get from Ancaster to a parking spot by the Rogers Centre. The traffic was unbelievable. The drive should take 45 minutes at the most.
Our gate
Then there were huge line ups to get in. They were searching everyone. I have been to many NFL games at stadiums all over the US (Buffalo many times, Miami twice, Cleveland twice, Minnesota, Seattle, San Diego and Detroit as well as seeing an NFL game in Toronto two years ago) and have never experienced anything like this. The game had already started at this point and some gates had 200-300 people lined up waiting to get in. Luckily our gate wasn't too bad. We got to the entrance and they weren't going to let me in with my purse. The young girl taking tickets told me to make it really small (thanks to her) so I didn't have to walk somewhere else for them to check my bag. Now there are purses and there are purses. I had a purse that held my wallet and not much more. I knew not to take something big. Beth took my wallet and put it under her coat and I rolled my leather purse as small as possible and hid it under my coat. If that was my first NFL game it may have swayed me never to go again.
The gate next to us - it is at the top of the stairs - that's the line
Once inside the day was great. The people around us were a lot of fun. The guys in our row had a few too many beers but in a funny good way. No fighting. No swearing. Good clean fun. And the game went into overtime. What more can you ask for?
Unfortunately there was next to no knitting this weekend. I did get to the home stretch on Windward while watching The Amazing Race and The Mentalist. I think there are 30 rows to go. Every 2 rows I lose 3 stitches so it's going fast. Maybe tonight. We're getting ready to watch last weeks The Blacklist that we missed and then tonight's season finale. The only problem is that I like to pay attention to the show and forget to knit.

One thing I totally forgot about yesterday. Beth and I were walking to our gate and we see all these police walking towards us. What was up? Fighting already? No. They were surrounding the mayor of Toronto as he was walking to his gate. Unbelievable. The guy looked like he didn't have a care in the world.

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Ahh, interesting comment on the mayor. What a world!