Monday, December 23, 2013

Boxing Day

We're getting ready for Boxing Day and Boxing Week. If you don't receive our email newsletter, take a look - there are going to be some great deals... If you have read the newsletter, make sure you check out the yarns on the website again. We've added a yarn to the Noro page - Ayatori.

Opal Smile just arrived. The colours are great. Who wouldn't love a pair of socks in one of these? And it's on the website already...

The shawl is growing. It's just over 2 weeks until we go. WOW. I haven't thought about what I'm taking. Clothes for the show. Clothes for the zoo. Clothes to golf. Then there is the small issue of a meeting that I have to get up and talk at. UGGG! I don't like talking to a group of people. And it's at 8am so I can't have a drink before hand to calm myself.

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