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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


More Colinette Ab Fab kits have arrived. The box also had the skeins that I need to finish my throw. I guess I'm going to be making fringe tonight.

 Misty Morning


It's much later in the evening. We just got home from having dinner with our friends Bev and David. I'm trying to finish my post while watching Master Chef. Then Top Chef Masters and Big Brother at 11. I can't wait.

Here are a few pictures of what we accomplished in the store today. Tosh dk and merino dk are looking good. It hasn't been this neat in a while.
I've chosen the colours that are going to the Knitters' Fair. But that can change between now and next Friday.
If you ware looking for a colour, please let me know and we will bring it with us.
No fringes tonight. That means winding the skeins into balls first and it's too late to start on that. I'm going to finish the back of Aileen and get the shoulders joined. Maybe start picking up for the front bands.

Please don't let Amanda win POV.

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Christine said...

I hope you bring that really bright green at the top of the last photo.