Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shawl Pins

Happy Saturday. So far it is a much nicer day in Southern Ontario then it was last week. :) We have power in the store so life is good.
Fabulous shawl pins from Bonnie Bishoff are on their way to us. The pin in the top left was pictured in a Color Play Mohair Wrap earlier this week. Bonnie let me bring it home from TNNA in January. I can't wait for them to arrive because I want them all.
The shawl pins are handmade by Bonnie Bishoff and her husband J.M. Syron. They feature colorful inlays of polymer clay in white bronze and lead free pewter settings. 
Kim asked a great question. "If it falls on the floor will it crack or be damaged?" I've dropped mine on the tile floor at home, more than once, and there are no marks on it.
All 8 boxes of fall Rowan were unpacked yesterday. Unpacked doesn't mean that they are on the shelf yet. :) Kim and I will need to do a bit of rearranging this week to make everything fit.

I've got my eye on a few colours and patterns. Unfortunately these magazines haven't arrived yet or I would have started last night. Maybe that's a good thing. Get a few projects finished first.
Frontiersman from Pioneer knit in Big Wool. Maybe the colour pictured or maybe

#70 - deer. It is a touch greener than the picture is showing.

Then from Autumn Knits there is Matlock. I like the simplicity so that I can wear a shawl or scarf with it. Which colour of Cocoon? There are 4 new ones and any one of them would be great.

I will try and get Rowan to pin down a date on Monday for when these books will be arriving.

I'm home now but couldn't leave at 4 when the store closed. It was raining really, really hard. I could have sat and knit or I could have finished my blog post. Instead I did something much more fun. I washed the floors in the store. Not with the Swiffer but with a bucket and a mop. They were wet when I left and I hope they are nice and sparkling when I get to work on Tuesday.

Now I'm going to do something that really is fun. Sit and knit. Today's knitting is Windward.


Anonymous said...

Ginette I. Quebec "Blossoms" Thanks.

Irene said...

I LOVE those shawl pins!!!