Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Royal Botanical Gardens

Thank you to everyone who posted suggestions for the name of my Color Play Mohair Wrap. I've been reading them as they came in and had some favourites. Beth just read through them all (without any input from me) and we have made our decision.

Royal Botanical Gardens

Congratulations to Linda S. from London, Ontario.
Here is my favourite idea for a name for your lovely wrap. How about "Royal Botanical Garden". This honours a special place, the near to Ancaster Royal Botanical Gardens and the recent Royal birth of Prince George.
Linda, please give me a call and we will discuss the colourway you would like and where I should send it.
Ponchos are coming back. Ann knit this in Faroe Super Chunky from Sirdar. It's super simple-two rectangles sewn together.
Faroe Super Chunky is a beautiful yarn inspired by the timeless landscape, sea and sky of the ancient Faroe Isles. The yarn comes in a range of gently blended colours for women and girls that are perfect for creating cosy, chunky outerwear knits, that will see you through many winter days to come. The yarn is machine washable and will knit to any Sirdar Super Chunky design. There are also lots of Faroe leaflets and a Faroe Knits book with easy quick knit casual designs for women and girls. There are simple cables, cosy waistcoats and pretty pull on hats that will have you looking stylish and warm this winter.
Pattern: Sirdar leaflet 9651
13 balls of yarn on 10mm needles. Gotta love those 10mm needles.

Mr. Roko had his surgery today. Leann said that he is doing well. She didn't want us to come in tonight because it would make it harder for him to stay overnight. We have to keep him quiet for the next few weeks. No jumping into the truck. Beth has to lift him in. No jumping onto the bed so we are moving Beth's mattress to the floor in the loft. Of course the dogs sleep on our beds. :) Mr. Melo is lying on the floor with a very sad look on his face. His little buddy is missing.

Big Brother is taping so we're moving upstairs to watch and knit. I'm still working on Windward. The last bit is taking much longer than I thought. Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
How much is the Faroe yarn a ball? It is absolutely gorgeous!!

Julie said...

The Faroe is $5.99 a ball.

Linda in Waterloo said...

That's a perfect name - a great idea!
Famous for the lilacs too!

Oneday Designs said...

I was so excited to read that my name for the wrap was the winner. I'm camping at the moment but will call you as soon as I'm able to Julie. Thank you so much.

Linda S "ONEDAY" Designs