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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Fall Rowan

Today I am golfing with dad and Beth in a tournament for Redeemer University College. It is a fun day and we should have lots of laughs. Thank goodness it's a scramble-we don't have to hit as many shots. I have no clue what time we will be home and I'm sure we will be really, really hot when we are finished so I'm writing ahead of time so that I don't miss a post today.

A collection of contemporary styles and shapes showcasing the delectable yarn Alpaca Colour perfectly. Easy to wear knits with modern shapes and a variety of textured stitches including bobbles and slashed pieces is showcased in a beautiful jewel like palette.
Made with 100% baby alpaca, Rowan Alpaca Colour is a soft and durable DK knitting yarn. The soft, subtle blend of colours in each shade allows the beauty of the yarn to show through and is ideal for textured knitting stitches.
I'm waiting for the email to tell me that Rowan has been shipped. As soon as I have delivery date I will let you know.

Tomorrow I will be up very early. The Open (British Open golf tournament) starts and it is great to watch. The weather can be very windy and sometimes rainy. The pros look like the rest of us when playing The Open. It also means lots of knitting before coming to work.

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Sally said...

I has gots to get the pattern for the blue cape! ! ! ! !

PS. BB should be interesting tonight. Will the plan go through???