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Monday, July 08, 2013

More Fall Rowan

Pioneer-a brochure coming from Rowan for fall. The designs are from Martin Storey. His cable work is amazing.
A collection of hand knits for both men and women inspired by the pioneer look of the Midwest and hand crafted lifestyle. The collection features rustic cables, intarsia star jackets and also simple to knit minimal designs in a palette of dark neutrals with rose and lime highlights.
These three garments are knit in Big Wool. Can't wait!

It's my day off and I was hoping to sit down and work on my accounting. Yes, I wanted to do that. Unfortunately my laptop won't turn on. I think it knows that I have been looking at a new one. Mine is very old and slow. The battery lasts about 2 minutes. Did I mention it is really slow. And old. There is a call into the computer guy. Please hurry!

I got through the first nine inches of the wrap last night. If you have a colour suggestion, please wait to post it. There will be a contest. With prizes.
Mr. Roko has been at the vets all morning. Thursday afternoon Beth took the dogs to the dog park. They were running around fine and then Roko started limping and crying. Beth ran him right to the vets. Leeann thought it might be his ACL but suggested we wait through the weekend and get x-rays this morning. Leeann has looked after our dogs for over 25 years so we totally trust her opinion. The x-rays this morning confirmed that he ruptured his ACL. She says that he isn't in pain. It is uncomfortable and feels weird to him but he will be fine until surgery-hopefully this week or early next week. He is definitely playing it up. It gets him lots of cookies. Lots! 

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