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Monday, July 15, 2013

It's here

Actually it's been here for just over a week and I thought I put it in a blog post but customers have been shocked to see it in the parking lot when they arrive at the store. Maybe I didn't blog about him. We have been having fun. Lots of little trips here and there and we get lots of looks in it. I joke that I can pick up any 16 year old boy that I want. They love the car. My dad called Beth last Tuesday and asked if I was working. I was, why? He saw a car just like this fly by him on the 407. He thought it was me. So far I've been very good. Just a touch over the speed limit. It's very easy for a police officer to spot this car. :)

Rowan Magazine #54 hit stores in the UK today. We hope that ours will be shipped in the next few days and arrive next week. Here is a free pattern from Rowan

Knit this womens sweater with side tuck detail from Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 54 as an exclusive free download, a design by Julia Frank using our ever popular yarn Kidsilk Haze (super kid mohair). This design has raglan sleeves and is worked in one piece to the armholes.  This free pattern PDF has also been translated into French, German & Dutch - only print the pages you need after downloading.
Download the pattern... 

I'm almost at the last section of my Color Play Mohair Wrap. There will be lots of knitting tonight. The Amazing Race Canada starts at 9pm. The Home Run Derby is on along with Big Break and Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls.
The new reality competition show “Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls” (NBC at 9) challenges a group of adventurers (gunning for a $500,000 prize, of course) to take a tough journey across New Zealand’s South Island with the famed survivalist. Each week, Bear sends home one team that fares the worst in the dramatic climate.
It is a reality show but the contestants are really being put to the test. Definitely a lot harder than Big Brother. Speaking of Big Brother-last night was awesome. There were a couple of times that Beth rewound to watch a scene again because she was laughing so hard. There are a few people who have their heads in the clouds.


Linda in Waterloo said...

That car has the beach vibe. Maybe a little Myrtle Beach in Ancaster now. You need to get some matching nail polish! Have fun!

Julie Ann said...

Love your new car! Wow! That's awesome!

Seajaes said...