Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Obsessed

This is how far I was when I went home last night.
I thought I was tired at 8pm and almost went to bed. I picked up my knitting and worked until 11. I debated staying up longer but knew that I wouldn't be happy about that today.

It's 4pm and the rain is about to start in Ancaster. I wanted to wait a little longer for this picture (to get to the next colour) but decided that I didn't want to get wet.
100% mink. You are reading that correctly. Actually hand dyed 100% mink.
These beauties were in the box from Trendsetter.
300m (330yards) on a 50 gram skein
24 stitches = 4" on 3.5mm needles
Two skeins will make a beautiful shawl. The yarn is called Mimi Hand Dyed. If you are playing on Ravelry, put Mimi (Lotus Yarns) under yarn and see some of the projects that people have made.

Mr. DHL came in today with the throw kits from Colinette. I'm going to open a kit but still deciding which colour I want to knit. I'm also afraid that once I open the kit I will need to start right away. It's pretty obvious that I have absolutely no will power against starting a new project. :)
The packaging is beautiful but there is a glare from the plastic. That's why I really need to open one up. Decisions, decisions.

There are five pattern options in each kit.
We're trying to keep Mr. Roko calm and not let him run around. Yes, he tries to run and looks like a 3 legged dog. He is going for more x-rays tomorrow. The vet doing the surgery wants a few more to decide exactly what he needs to do. Then surgery next week or the week after. Roko is going to put on 20 pounds by then. Lots of cookies and no exercise. 

It's a busy TV night. I can't decide which person on Big Brother I want to go home first. There are some pretty unlikeable people this season. Master Chef and The American Baking Competition too. How far can I get tonight? I'm excited to see how the next colour plays out.


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, what glorious yarns! I am the same - no will power at all about starting a new project.

I have just remodeled my craft room which used to be a guest room where I parked yarn into a REAL craft room with built in shelving, a real needlework library, built in cabinets for my Etsy inventory, and built in counters for working.... I am in HEAVEN!

Dayana Krawchuk said...

Ooh -- I say open that light colored minty green one. Heaven!