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Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Friday

There is a box on its way from Zen Yarn Garden with their brand new Serenity Chunky yarn. It might arrive today and Kim will get it unpacked or I will be opening the box on Tuesday.
Serenity Chunky
70% superwash merino
20% cashmere
10% nylon
114m/125 yards in a 100 gram skein
These colours are One of a Kind.

It's just after 5am. I woke up early to watch the Open and get myself ready to go. My flight isn't until 1:30 but you never know what the border is going to be like. I will cross early and go to the outlet mall if I'm really early. I have knitting so I can sit in the airport as well.

My knitting for the trip has changed. It is going to be hard working on the Colinette throw in the airport and on the plane because you only do a few rows before changing colours. Aileen is coming now.

I'm just about packed. I need to wind some yarn and I'm ready to go.

There is some Big Brother talk coming up so if you didn't watch last night you might not want to read any further.

I saw this picture on Rowan's website and love how the yarn is displayed. The new Thick 'n' Thin.

We got caught up on Big Brother last night. Interesting. Judd as HOH could shake things up. I'm not sure he really has an alliance with anybody so he could be a wild card. It's too bad Jeremy wasn't as nice in the house as he was in his interview with Julie. I think the guests would have kept him.

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Candice said...

Serenity reminds me of Rowan Colourscape. Is it like it?