Sunday, July 07, 2013

Happy Birthday Beth

We went out for dinner last night and she did wear the hat. Sorry the pictures aren't great. I was taking them into the sun.

She is having a very good day today so far. Most of it has been spent working on a puzzle that she got for her birthday from Cathy. I just took her out for dinner and now she's finishing the puzzle. Nothing makes her happier than a 1000-2000 piece puzzle. I guess she would be happier if someone would turn over all the pieces before she starts. She keeps trying to get me to help. No way!

I started on the wrap. I couldn't help myself. :) Beth asked me if I was really going to knit another (my third) one. Yes. It is great when you want mindless knitting. Sitting at the hair salon. In the car on the way to the cottage. Sitting at a soccer match. Perfect.

Start thinking about names for the wrap. When I get further in we are going to do a contest to see who has the best name.

 This is Pansy Patch.
And Hydrangea Hedge.

We are going to need some sort of flowery/gardeny name for the new colourway.
Here it is 3" in. Only 70" to go. :)

Big Brother tonight. Who is going to be head of household? How grumpy is Aaryn going to be now that her boyfriend is gone? It's going to be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Tis a good day July 7. Would have been my Dads 82nd today! 7th of the 7th.

I know you just started....but I'm envisioning....what was it you said...70 more inches....and what pops to mind? IRIS INFUSION!

Irene said...

Happy Birthday Beth, love the new colour you're knitting.

Linda in Waterloo said...

HB to Beth! Great hat, btw. Wanted to thank you Julie for mentioning the upcoming Fair in your newsletter. Much appreciated. One of our dogs too had a stressful time with the fireworks...also past midnight. Wonderful knitting-great blog!

Seajaes said...

Right now it looks like "Lilacs in the mist"

lookinout said...

Take your knitting to the dentist as well. You can knit while they're cleaning and drilling if it's plain enough. I do.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see if "Aaryn" was a ravelry user. Can't tell. Couple of Aaryns listed.

And there is a pattern called "Aaryn". I now can't think of that name without thinking of that racist.