Thursday, July 18, 2013

Color Play Mohair Wrap #3

We lived through golf yesterday. It was touch and go for a while. I got a really bad migraine but thanks to my pills it went away just before we sat down to dinner. Boy was it hot. If we weren't in a tournament we would have quit after about 12 holes. Or maybe earlier.

The Color Play Mohair Wrap is done. I just need to block it and will do that when I get home. Now the decision is what to take to Myrtle Beach to knit.
This is my own colourway. When you stop in the store take a look at the wraps-we have 5 on display now.

Lynda knit the Color Play Mohair Scarf. It has less stitches and isn't as long as the wrap but still a great size. It is knit in solid colours of Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I used a mauve, purple, fuchsia and hot pink.

Beth forgot (it's her job) to tape Big Brother last night. Luckily we get west coast channels as well so we taped it and will watch tonight before the new episode.

This afternoon Michael brought me my new laptop. (This is Windows based so that I can do my accounting. To change to an accounting program that will work on my MacBook would be time consuming and would probably cause me to pull my hair out.) It turns on. The battery works. What more can someone ask for? Small problem. The mouse pad is backwards to my MacBook. I click and click but nothing happens. The Windows 8 is taking a bit to get used to as well. I hit something and the screen changes on me. Then there is the panic to get back to where I was. I will get it. A part of me says to take it to Myrtle Beach with me so that I can play with it and the other part says to take my MacBook because I know how to use it. I started my blog earlier today and decided to finish it up on the laptop. I keep yelling that I've messed up and Beth is laughing at me. She has a new Windows 8 computer as well but has had it for a few weeks so she's way ahead on the learning curve.

It's time for winding yarn to take. The Colinette Throw, Arizona Dream, won. Then Big Brother and bed.

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