Sunday, July 21, 2013

Beach Rose Shawl

The Beach Rose Shawl kit has lived in my closet in Myrtle Beach since last summer. On my last few trips there was other knitting that needed to get done so the kit sat quietly on the shelf. I decided to get started this trip.

The first flower was slower than I thought it would be. I was doing magic loop which isn't hard but takes some time when working fairisle.
There is increasing at the beginning and end of every row which makes an odd shape when knitting in the round. When done I will cut it. I can hear the gasps. It isn't a big deal. I've done it before on two cardigans and a shawl.
This is how far I was when The Open finished early this afternoon. I have enough stitches on the needles that I moved to a 40cm (16") circular. Working on the short circular is going faster than magic loop.

The kit comes with a chart but doesn't specify which order to use the colours. When the feeling strikes you cut the yarn and start on the next colour. This can be hard because you do a section and aren't sure if you like how the colours work. I have that in the pink flower section. I learned on my first Christel Seyfarth shawl that there is no ripping back. When you get further into the shawl you might change the order of the colours to something you like better. When the shawl is done all the colours blend in and look great.
These are the steek stitches. They aren't part of the pattern. These are extra stitches that I put on and I will cut up the middle of them. The shawl is made in 100% shetland wool which is great for steeking. The stitches will not unravel from side to side.

Read more about steeking on the Knitting Daily blog (the video is great)...
I hope my shawl is this beautiful when finished.
Here are a couple of pictures for mom. These trees are in front of their house.

I think I'm ready to go home. Almost all my chores are done. Laundry and dishes are clean. I cleaned the hardwood floor in the dining room, kitchen and living room. Now I need a rest. Big Brother is taping and I'm going to sit and watch. Maybe I can get the next flower finished.


Lois Evensen said...

The shawl is gorgeous! :)

Christel Seyfarth said...

Looks like the project is comming along very nice.

I hope you enjoy the work

Best regards

Christel Seyfarth, Denmark