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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Arizona Dream

Yesterday morning I received an email from Colinette with pictures of the throws. All five patterns are in the kit. It will be tough decision on which to make.

The trip to Myrtle Beach was uneventful. I'm up early because I was so tired last night that I went to bed early. No problems at the border. No questions asked about my addi turbos at airport security. I knit from the minute I got on the plane until we landed. Oh, except for the 15 minutes I had to spend untangling yarn. Tosh comes in skeins that I wind into cakes. When you get enough knit the cake starts to collapse onto itself. That's where I was on the plane. All four flight attendants came up and commented on my knitting. The lady beside me used to knit and I think I talked her into starting again.

The sunroom looks awesome. I really love the tile. One day it might go throughout the house. I love it that much. The colour of the walls is great as well. I picked it by looking at a picture of the flooring. Thankfully it worked out.
Curt did a great job on the bench. We showed him a picture and it's exactly how I planned it. I brought the fabric for the pillows with me. I took a bunch of pictures to email to mom and Beth so that they could see how the fabric looks. It was just lying flat on the benches. Then it hit me. Take the pillows from the living room and lay the fabric over them.

The fabric is from Tula Pink. Beth picked the colours in the quilt shop. Yes, they are my colours but I didn't give any input until she picked. I didn't want to sway the colours my way. :)
Golf is on the TV and I'm planning on knitting until the early afternoon. I've been out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and ready to get my fingers working.


Lois Evensen said...

Great update. The Myrtle Beach place looks great and I love all the shawl/throw patterns!

Irene said...

I see your dilemma, I also love the tile and the bench.