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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Vest

I've decided what my next project is going to be. All of my sweaters/cardigans are either heavily patterned or multi coloured. A vest in one colour will let me wear my hand knit scarves. My silk scarves too.
Pattern: Aileen from Laura Aylor - purchased on Ravelry
A slightly fitted vest knit in one piece from the bottom up with armbands and collar picked up.
This pattern uses short rows and the three-needle bind off for the shoulders. You will need to know how to pick up wraps for short rows and how to pick up stitches.
Yarn: our sample was knit in Zara and I'm going to use tosh vintage. The vintage is a bit thick for the pattern so I'm going to have to watch the sizing but it's the colour that I really want. I know that I would never suggest that a customer do this so I hope the results will be okay. :)

Today I saw a surprise on Twitter. Kate Atherley has a DVD coming out on fixing mistakes.

Kate has taught many times in the store and I would suggest that every knitter take one of her classes. She has amazing attention to detail as well as patience.
Knowing how—and when—to fix your knitting mistakes makes you a great knitter.

Kate Atherley has made every knitting mistake you can imagine. Over decades of knitting, she taught herself to catch her mistakes in time and fix them easily. Now you can take her popular class on fixing mistakes anywhere and correct your knitting errors when they happen.

Fixing Knitting Mistakes: 50+ Tips for Perfect Knits with Kate Atherley

This Interweave Knits workshop includes: 
  • Tricks for repairing 7 basic knit stitch mistakes
  • How to techniques for undoing your work safely
  • Step-by-step instructions for fixing incorrect increases and decreases
  • And even corrections for errors in knitted cables and lace.

This workshop is available on DVD or as a standard or high definition video download. Order your copy today!

I didn't get a lot of knitting done last night. It's hard with an 80 pound dog in your lap. Melo really, really hates fireworks. He wasn't as bad as usual. I think there were less going off last night because of the wind in our neighbourhood. Hopefully we are done with fireworks until the next long weekend.

Just as I was getting ready to hit Publish I saw on Facebook that Rowan has new free patterns. Six in all....

Knit this women's textured rib and lace sweater from our Summer Selects Online Collection as an exclusive download. A design by Martin Storey using the beautiful yarn Summerspun (wool and cotton, this knitting pattern has a round neck, garter stitch edgings and three quarter length sleeves.
There is a new trick on Rowan's website to see the pictures better. Double click on the picture and it comes up in the centre of your screen. There are funny arrows in the bottom right corner. Click on those-now you have a large picture that is very clear.

Try it on Sophia's page... 

Now I need to get my stuff packed up. Beth is picking me up because I still don't have a car. It was supposed to be at the dealership yesterday. Didn't arrive. Didn't arrive this morning either. I haven't heard from them this afternoon so I'm guessing it still isn't there. Maybe tomorrow??

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