Sunday, June 02, 2013

Troy, Michigan

It was a hard decision but this is the bag that I chose last night.

We made it to the mall just after noon and started at Nordstroms. No shoes. Unless you count slippers. I wear my Ugg slippers whenever I am at home and they had a new colour. Coral. Had to have them. They are in the truck so no pictures right now. I searched the Nordstroms website but they aren't there.

Then we had California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.

Beth had a beer with lunch. No she didn't drink the whole thing.

We didn't buy much but had fun walking around. We're having a rest (I'm typing and Beth is knitting) and then heading out for dinner. I don't think we are going to the movies tonight. Our hotel room has about 100 channels so we should be able to find something to watch and then can knit in peace.

Another mall in the morning and then on to Sarnia to pick up yarn at Zen Yarn Garden. I will try and get some pictures of their studio.

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Lois Evensen said...

It sounds like a fun trip. :) I like the "peace to knit" concept.