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Monday, August 20, 2012

Clue #3

I almost finished Clue #3 of the Mystery Shawl last night.
I wish that I had started on a different point of Taiyo (self-striping yarn). The top and now the bottom are mixing the purple Solemate with the darkest part of the Taiyo. Maybe this is a good thing that the top and bottom are dark??
 I think I have about seven rows to go and then the I-cord bind off.
Then I will pick up along the sides and work out. In Stephen's pattern the ends are tapered down and I think I might have to play with this. Having broad shoulders most shawls don't sit properly on me so I'm think of making the 'wings' longer.

Over the past week I have come down with bronchitis. I don't feel really sick but there hasn't been a lot of sleep. Yesterday I had to make a choice-blog or sleep. Sorry but I opted for a nap. Today I'm feeling okay but I have lost my voice. It was very hard ordering a tea at Tim's on my way to the store. Parcels have been shipped and now I'm going for another nap. Then I can get back to my knitting tonight.

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