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Friday, July 06, 2012

Unpacking and more unpacking

I have been unpacking many, many boxes today. This is going to be a very long post. :) There is lots to show.

Box 1-Namaste

The Pumpkin Spice Messenger Bags are here.

Box 2-Blue Sky Alpacas

New patterns. These patterns use one or two balls of Royal Petites.
And yarn-Royal Petites
100% Royal Alpaca
With the same exquisite color palette, twist, and hand as our full size hanks of Blue Sky Alpacas Royal, the petites are 100-yard balls geared towards smaller projects.
 1702 Spanish Leather
 1705 Antique Black
 1706 Petticoat
 1709 Primrose
 1710 Concord
1712 Azure

The other new yarn that came is called Metalico

Luxury as nature intended, Metalico utilizes naturally occurring shades of baby alpaca blended with mulberry silk, and creates an undyed shimmering palette from gleaming whites to silvery grays and flecked golds. Colorways provided by nature, shiny braids provided by Blue Sky Alpacas!
 1610 Opal
 1612 Platinum
1614 Flint

There are four patterns for Metalico-you can also use any pattern that calls for Alpaca Silk

Box 3-Della Q

We have Straight Needle Rolls in

This holds more straight needles than your grandmother has in her collection. With space for 60 sets of straight needles, you will be the envy of your knitting guild. It is tall enough to hold those extra long so called "14 inch needles" that are really 15 inches. Warning! You may feel the need to shop for any missing sizes to fill the empty pockets.
The Rosemary Bag was in the box as well.

this cute little bag looks great on the arm as you knit on the go. The closure serves as a perfect way to feed your yarn, tangle free! An outer pocket holds any notions

Box 4-Rowan

Kim Hargreaves Indigo is here.
Subtle textures and sleek contours mixed with a dash of low-key chic sums up the season’s understated look, whilst an array of deliciously vibrant shades hold the key to making these effortless pieces zing

Box 5, 6 and 7-Scarf yarns from Estelle

We have two brand new Frillseeker yarns. I'm going between writing and straightening. The writing is taking place in the front room (which is air conditioned) and the moving around is in the addition which doesn't have air. When I get too hot I sit down and write.

Box 8-Kauni

Ann finished another Cascade Vest for the store but I couldn't show you because we were out of the colours. They are here now.

My knitting

I finished my Kureyon Log Cabin square.

Here are all the squares I have done so far.

I have been sitting and writing for long enough and need to get back to putting yarn on the shelves.

Tomorrow there will be information about the Tent Sale.

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