Monday, July 02, 2012

Painting and Rowan

Today was a 'do nothing' day for me. I sat outside this morning and read for a while. Then Beth and I took a road trip to the Rockton Berry Farm. (I was bored but didn't want to work.) We bought my dad an apple pie and then took it to them. Small problem. They didn't have ice cream so I had to run to the variety store. You can't have apple pie without ice cream. More reading and then dinner out with my parents and a few of their friends.

The first job that didn't get done was to clean up my bedroom. (That isn't a way to spent a day off so it was best to get out of the house.) There is yarn and shoes everywhere and I need it cleaned because our house is being painted in two weeks.

Beth and I need to pick our paint colours this week. There has been much discussion as well as a few disagreements.

I keep checking on for new inspiration. I found this one today.

The main colour of the great room is called Spiced Rum (along the lines of the gold/brown colour). It is staying. All furniture was picked around that colour and we like how it all works together. The other walls are builders beige and I am sick of that colour. It will have to be neutral but maybe more of a grey beige??

My bedroom and bathroom are changing. Today I'm think grey. My bedding is purple but I don't think I want purple walls. If I go grey then I can change the bedding to something different (maybe teal?) and it will still work.

Here are a few more pictures from TNNA.
This is Fastnet. A Josh Bennett (yes, the Josh coming to Camp) design in Pure Wool Aran.

I will be knitting this for myself. I love it!! A Martin Storey design called Tiree.
Knit in Rowan Tweed (a new yarn) and Colourspun. There are only two colours in the sweater. The Colourspun changes colours which makes the sweater look like a lot more work than it is.
Orkney. A Marie Wallin design in Felted Tweed.
Brandon Mably designed Skye. A great vest in Colourspun.

I am so excited about this book. It should be arriving while I am in Myrtle Beach so Cathy will have fun putting it away and playing with the new yarns.

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Linda in Waterloo said...

Ooooh...the Berry Farm has awesome butter tarts too! You're great with colour so no worries on the paint.