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Saturday, July 14, 2012

On the Road

As soon as I close the store today we are starting our drive to Myrtle Beach. The truck is packed and waiting. Cooler. iPads. Laptop. Car games that Beth has downloaded. Golf clubs. I think that's all we really need. :)  We will be stopping tonight in Morgantown, WV and finishing the drive tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from another new Rowan magazine (that will hopefully be coming this week)-Easy Winter Knits

I can't tell you the yarn that were used (I could guess but don't want to be wrong) but I know they are all chunky and quick to knit. In true Rowan style they are beautifully photographed.

Have a good week and I will be checking in from Myrtle. Cathy is in the store-please be gentle with her. :)

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Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Julie!