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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's redo last night

Yesterday was a great day in the store. Lots of chores were accomplished including updates to the website. Then on the way home I started to get a headache. The weather was changing. I had a nap and when I woke up Beth had dinner ready. Who can complain about that? Then we moved upstairs to watch TV. This is where things started to go downhill.

Three rows of Clue #2 were done but I wasn't happy. The pattern said to pick up 162 stitches and I only got 161. I figured I could fudge it later but it was bothering me so last night while watching Big Brother I ripped it back and started picking up stitches again. All picked up and 161. Now I was mad and frustrated. I took a look on Ravelry and saw that I wasn't picking up the stitches correctly. Let's rip out and try again. The next time I got 162 stitches. It looks better and I am happy. Row 10 is complete. 46 rows to go before tomorrow morning. :)
It was raining as I was taking this so I couldn't
make it lay out nicely.
Something woke me at 2:30 and then I heard a thud. Melo jumped off Beth's bed and came down to see me. Thunder and lightening. He gets so upset. I was good company for about half an hour and then he went and got Beth. She sat up with him (with the TV blaring so he couldn't hear the thunder) for an hour. There wasn't much sleep for me last night.

Mr. Canada Post brought more yarn today. Lace from Freia Fibers.
This is a blend of 75% wool from Colorado spun with 25% nylon for added strength. Our lightweight, soft lace yarn is a super wash but we recommend hand washing for longevity.
75 gram ball
589 m/645 yards
The colours are bright and cheerful.

One ball will make the Sonoma Lace Scarf.

Don't forget that tomorrow is the big day. I had the time wrong for opening ceremonies. It is 4pm in Ancaster.

My needles and yarn are sitting on the table waiting to start.

Wow did we miss a lot on Big Brother. Willie being booted from the house. What a shocker. I'm not sure that I like the team thing going on this season. I hope they mix it up soon. I have some errands to run tonight and then home to watch TV and knit. There is a lot of knitting that needs to be done over the next two weeks. Am I really going to get my shawl and a sweater finished?


AthertonCA said...

I love your blog; it's one of my favorites! I am determined to visit your lovely shop one day, even though I live in the San Francisco area. May I ask one teensy, little favor? When you're going to reveal something that happened on a TV show, could you please give your readers a heads up with a "Spoiler Alert!" somewhere at the beginning of the post? Thanks. :)

Julie said...

Thanks for your comment. I will definitely try and remember to put in a note about Spoiler Alerts.