Thursday, July 05, 2012

Knitters' Fair

We received post cards in the mail today to hand out for the Knitters' Fair. It might seem early but you will want to get it marked on your calendar.

The KW Knitters' Guild website...

Saturday September 8, 2012

Bingemans, Kitchener, Ontario
$6 admission
Free Parking

This year there will be a featured speaker
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot)

I don't have any details on when she will be speaking but will forward the information when I find out.

We have three new colours of Blackstone Tweed from Berroco
 2661 Blue Heron
 2662 Fern
2663 Marsh

Unfortunately Norah Gaughan Volume 11 wasn't in the shipment but it has left Berroco and should be here next week.
Connate knit in Blackstone Tweed
Cabled panels adorn the neck and bottom edges of an alluring open jacket with three-quarter length sleeves.
Norah did it again. This is stunning!!

Beth and I just returned from dinner with our friend John and his three daughters. John just bought property and will be building a house so we went to see it. He has 47 acres with two barns-one small and one large. I have it all planned but John didn't seem as enthused about it as I was. The small barn (which isn't that small) would be an ice cream shop. The large barn (which is a huge barn-even bigger than huge) would be The Needle Emporium. It would be the most amazing yarn shop in the world. I'm going to dream about it all night.

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