Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I think it works

I think I have this figured out. I should have brought my keyboard with me.

This will make much nicer posts when I am away from my computer. I will be adding it to my phone as well. The app is called Blogger Plus if you blog and need something for your iPhone or iPad.

You don't have to be connected to the Internet to write-great for working while flying

Nick just brought in three boxes of Noro.

There are two new colours of Hitsuji, eight new Silk Garden and five new Kureyon. We also received three out of stock colours of Taiyo Sock.

The new colours of Silk Garden. Another great job from Noro. They are all beautiful!

Noro also brought back two discontinued colours.

269 - cream and beige
267 - browns and greys

359 is from the spring but I couldn't cut it from the picture. Okay. With some work I could have removed it but I'm playing with a new program and getting any picture added was work. I have it figured out now but I don't want to mess up what is already here.

I will show the Kureyon tomorrow. There are great new colours for the Log Cabin Afghan. I have one cast on and hope to have a square to show you tomorrow.

It's time to hit Publish and start my newsletter. Hopefully it will go out tomorrow. We are putting some Rowan yarns on sale for the next week at great prices. I need room for the new yarns coming.

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