Monday, July 23, 2012

Home again

I'm home. Tired but home. We pulled in our driveway around 3 this morning. Once we started driving I was feeling good so we went straight though. Beth drove about 4 hours and I drove the rest.

Part way home Beth made a comment about seeing our house and the new paint. I totally forgot. We asked my dad how it looked and he said that the main house looked great but my room only looked fine. He is a bit colour blind and I don't think he can see the colour in my room. It looks great. I am so happy with it.
It is a dark purple grey. My bathroom is another story. I thought it was going to be a darker colour than it came out. It is a really light grey but I will learn to like it.

There was a note on the kitchen counter that the front doors in our complex are being painted this week. Someone has to be home for a few hours so that the paint can dry. Beth ran out and found someone and they said that they would stop by in an hour. Time for me to run and get breakfast (there is nothing in our house) but they came right away. I really need a tea.

Here are a few pictures of new things coming from Namaste in August.
Coming in August- the Better Buddy! Sleeker shape, stronger magnets, and new colors. Yay!
I've talked about this bag before but after taking it on vacation I am very excited that we will have it in the store. I had two MacBooks, my knitting and my iPad in the bag with room to spare.
The all-new Harlow bag is vintage inspired, constructed of luscious vegan material and offers ultra organization and serious style. Features include microsuede recycled lining, loads of exterior compartments & pockets (2 drink compartments, 2 flap top pockets, 1 fiber-friendly pocket, 1 zipper pocket), strap buddy for shoulder strap placement, and dual detachable handles for added versatility. Interior has a zippered top and features 2 open top pockets, 1 zipper pocket and plenty of space for activities! Available August 2012! 
I have lots of chores to do today once Beth gets home - we can't close the door because the paint is wet.  I can't wait to see the new Rowan magazine and yarns. There were a few things missing from the shipment including a mini magazine so I need to get on the phone and have them ship it asap. Hopefully I will get some knitting done as well.

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