Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Golfing cuts into the knitting time

We slept in this morning until 8 which is great for being in Myrtle Beach. Beth wanted to go golfing so we got ready and headed to the clubhouse here at the Legends. We couldn't get out for a few hours so we decided to go to the Barefoot Resorts and play the Fazio course. I haven't played it in years and we had fun. The only bad part of the day was that the course was busy and our round was very slow. Thank goodness for the wind (which was in our face for the whole back nine). Beth won. Not surprising.
I had a small mishap on the second hole. I was getting into the golf cart not paying any attention and smashed my head on the roof. Beth was across the fairway from me and heard it. There is a bump on my head and I have a bit of a headache but it didn't stop me from finishing the round.

There was a lot of water on the course. Luckily we mostly played beside it and not over it.
Lots of trees too which were good for sitting under when we were waiting to play our next shot.
My knitting isn't growing. It would help if Lynda and Jess would pick it up and work on it while I'm on the course. :)
Beth, Lynda and Jess are out picking up dinner at the deli so I better hit Publish and get the table set. Maybe some knitting tonight during Big Brother.

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