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Monday, July 09, 2012


Beth and I are leaving for Myrtle Beach on Saturday night. Monday morning the painters are arriving to paint our house. My bedroom is just about ready. A full garbage bag and three boxes later it is almost livable. There were some good finds!! Lots of knitting needles. Yarn I forgot that I owned. Many books (including signed books from Martin Storey, Josh Bennett, Ysolda Teague and Jenny Watson). Some things (really good things) that will be door prizes for Camp. Golf gloves. This might not sound exciting but I need special gloves because of my nails and they aren't always easy to find. Then there was my shoe collection. Many ladies come in the store telling me they have enough yarn at home to open their own store. I might be able to do that with shoes. :)

Choosing colours wasn't easy. The main walls in our great room are spiced rum (pictured). The dining room colour and loft colour have to go with it.
The top left (Restoration Ivory) is going to be the powder room
The second from left looks blue but it is grey with a hint of purple. My bedroom will be the fifth down (Special Grey).
The third down beige will be the dining room and loft (Bona Fide Beige)
The far right grey-third down (Requisite Grey) will be my bathroom.

I took a run to Urban Barn today to buy a clock for Myrtle Beach. Every time we visited the store for mom and dad's furniture I looked at it. I finally got off the pot.

This is the Mayfair Clock.

There should be some knitting content so here is a sneak peak at Rowan Studio 28. This will be arriving in August.

I don't have much to pack for Myrtle Beach. I leave clothes there so that I can fly carry on. This time we are driving which means a lot of room. I have my yarn packed for the Stephen West Mystery KAL. This won't keep me busy for the whole trip so I need something else. Now the conundrum. I don't think that the Rowan will be here in time. Then there is that small thing coming up called the Olympics. I'll be working on an Olympic project so I don't really want to start something now and then something on July 27. What is on the needles that I want to take with me? Nothing. I want something new. I told you it was a conundrum.

The Home Run Derby starts soon. Go Joey Bats!!

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Irene said...

It's always exciting to start something new. Love the colours you chose. Have a great trip.