Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day two in Myrtle Beach

Today has been a lazy day. I was up early and waited for the others to get up so we could go for breakfast. Then a trip to Barnes and Noble. Who doesn't love an hour in the book store? When we got home I put on the TV and laid down on the couch only to wake up three hours later. I think I was tired. Beth and I were going to go golfing but a rain storm just hit. It is coming down in buckets. I am sending it to Southern Ontario because you really need it to break the heat. Our weather here is cooler than yours. Who would have thought July in Myrtle Beach would be cooler than Ancaster?

Cathy has been busy today in the store with many, many deliveries. Eight boxes of Rowan are being unpacked plus three more boxes from other suppliers. I wish I was Samantha from Bewitched so I could get myself home for a few minutes to get Rowan Magazine #52 and then get back here.

Yesterday we saw Nancy (our landscaper) and she told us that our grass was being cut today. Beth decided to leave them a message.

Then Jess finished up the work of art.

Jess and her mom are out shopping right now and she will be upset when she gets home-the rain has washed her drawing away.

Nancy has done a great job in our yards. The previous owners didn't do anything in the yard and everything was terribly overgrown.
I waited to Publish until after dinner incase we did something fun. We ate and then drove along Ocean Blvd. There are some amazing houses on the ocean. We drove far enough to see if the hotel that we stayed at as kids was still there. The Cherry Tree Inn is still standing and looks exactly the same as when we first started staying there almost 40 years ago.

It's now time to get some knitting done. This way I can feel like I accomplished something today. :)


Linda in Waterloo said...

Ah - great time for a visit in a few more hours!

Anne said...

Enjoy your vacation - you are going to be busy when you get back! Lots of boxes of Rowan - yum yum......