Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Rose Shawl

I started writing in the store yesterday but didn't get finished. A lot of time was spent on the phone trying to fix things. My parents don't have Internet in their house yet because a major telephone company is playing games. I have been trying to get it straightened out but couldn't get anywhere yesterday.

After work we went to visit the parents. My dad is golfing today and he doesn't have golf clubs here so he needed Beth's (Beth plays with men's clubs). My mom wanted to pay some bills online so with the magic of my iPhone I could give her temporary wifi in her house. Then we had dinner with our friend Lynda who is coming to Myrtle Beach with us. Last minute details were worked out. By the time I got home I couldn't come up with anything to write-especially anything you would want to read.

The dates and times for the Tent Sale have been finalized-originally I said Tuesday and Wednesday but we decided to add some time on Monday.

Monday August 27 4-8pm
Tuesday August 28 noon-8pm
Wednesday August 29 10am-2pm

Mr. UPS brought in a box yesterday afternoon with the new Rowan magazine Just Baby.
This collection of 18 baby and toddler designs by Lisa Richardson features classic sweaters and cardigans which have been given a slight twist with the addition of button detailing and fully fashioned shaping. There are also fun dungarees and romper suits in strong colour blocked patterning.


I decided to call Rowan and find out when our books would be arriving. Keep this a secret but I think they are in the hands of UPS. They should be arriving on Tuesday. Maybe the truck will hurry and I will have them Friday before I leave.

I have decided on what is coming to Myrtle Beach with me. I won't get it done while I'm there but it is something that I have wanted to make for a long time.

Christel Seyfarth's Beach Rose Shawl. I love knitting fair isle and I like working with lots of colours. This will keep me busy until the Olympics start.

I think I have my Olympic knitting figured out as well.
Tiree from Rowan magazine #52. I don't care if it is shown on a man-I will love wearing this. More fair isle-there is a bit of a theme here.
I think I have the store in order for while I am away. The price books should be up to date. There should be price signs throughout the store. I hope I have remembered everything.

Tonight I need to finish going through the house and make it painter ready. Pictures need to come down. Dressers need to be cleaned off. Knick knacks (is that how you spell it?) need to be put away. I'm tired thinking about it. Maybe I will knit instead. :)

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