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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bailey Day One

The Opening Ceremonies were great. Rowan Atkinson - I couldn't stop laughing. I watched in the store and Beth taped it so that I could watch again at home. I missed a few things in the store like David Beckham driving the boat that was carrying the torch. No one wants to miss David Beckham.

My sweater is coming along.
Bailey from Rowan #52
Knit in Drift
One cable repeat is almost done and I am one and a half balls in. It would be a lot further if I hadn't turned one cable wrong. Thankfully it was only five rows down and I hadn't turned another cable over it. I dropped the stitches down, re twisted the cable and latched the stitches back up. Beth pipes up "Don't you know about Gladys Knight and the Pips?" HUH?? It has something to do with Fiona Ellis' cable class. I know that Beth is listening while at Camp.

I didn't make it up early this morning. I'm getting too old to do that and then work all day. :) I'm in the store now but need someone to flip channels for me so I don't have to put down my knitting. 

To keep track of everything I am using the Vogue Knitting App on my iPhone.

It's much later in the day. I came home from work and had a nap. I think I'm still recuperating from my vacation. :)

I took this before leaving the store. Two pattern repeats (48 rows) and the third ball is almost done. Beth has gone to pick up pizza because there is no time to cook. Olympic coverage is starting again soon and in my dreams another ball will be knit tonight.

I know that some of you won't be able to see events live so I won't talk about anything that happens during the day while I am watching. If something amazing happens I will wait until the next day to comment.

I better get plates on the table. It's the least I can do. Have a great evening-hopefully knitting needles are in your hands.

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