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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bailey Day 4

The knitting machine broke yesterday. I didn't get the partial repeat from Sunday night finished. I helped Beth in her warehouse-we got lots of boxes shipped out. Then I had to do my HST return. Don't want to keep the government waiting for their money. Dinner then a trip to see the parents. Mom has been having computer problems but I think that is fixed. A bit of knitting and then bed.
I thought that there would be knitting time today but now I don't think so. The 8am phone call changed that. When can someone be at the storage unit? The truck driver is sitting there with 17 boxes of madelinetosh. I wasn't dressed so Beth ran. She is on her way back to the house with a few boxes for me to start unpacking. I think she is going to try and bring boxes of merino light. Happy Dance at the Needle Emporium today.

It's a bit later and I'm at the store unpacking boxes (I could only get four into my truck-more tomorrow) and updating the website. The fun part is trying to find where I am going to put it all. I'm getting very creative. Here is what I have found so far.

merino light

  • flashdance
  • cousteau
  • cathedral
  • duchess
  • amber trinket
  • mourning dove
  • french grey
  • byzantine
  • antique lace
  • denim
  • lolita
  • vanilla bean
  • manor
  • nebula
  • fragrant
  • volga
  • william morris
  • rosewood
  • tern
  • worn denim
  • terrarium
  • manor
  • thyme
  • celadon
  • stovepipe
  • clematis
  • ruby slipper
  • composition book grey
  • silver fox


  • cathedral


  • logwood

Finding room for yarn is bad for me (because there is no room in the store) but good for you. I have boxed up more yarn for the Tent Sale.

I thought that after the four boxes of tosh were put away I might get to knit. Not. Mr. Canpar walked in with six boxes of Debbie Bliss and Sirdar.
Winter Garden-the book and yarn have arrived. I will be knitting with this yarn very soon.

$18.95 a skein
30% merino wool
30% baby llama
20% silk
20% linen

10 stitches =4" on 9mm needles

We have a new store in Ancaster called ECS Coffee Inc. It is on Wilson Street (the other end of town from us) near the Walmart. I was there yesterday and bought tea pods for my Kuerig. People tell me that their prices are better than anywhere else. I don't know about that but their selection is amazing. Lots of tea that I haven't seen anywhere else. You can buy individual pods which makes it great for trying flavours. You don't have to buy 12 or 24 and find that you don't like it.

There are five boxes to be unpacked. I better hit Publish and get back to work.

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