Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rearranging again

Yesterday Jane unloaded all the boxes that came home from Camp. Yarn and kits need to be put away. Well, I can't put yarn away without rearranging. The store is a total mess. I need to rush and have it done in time for the classes on Saturday. I don't want Kate seeing the store for the first time in the state that it is in.

The Noro chunky yarns are looking good.
I have a few more ideas but Beth forgot to bring me the things from storage that I need. I am going to pick them up on the way to work tomorrow.

Last night I pulled out my new Knitter's Pride needles. So far there are no problems with the joins-very smooth. The needles are pointier (is that a word??) than my addi clicks. I didn't want to start a new project so I took out a ball of Liberty wool and started on the sleeve for Ayako.

There are two arcs on the front of the jacket and the same arc is used for the bottom of the sleeves. I am a touch tighter on the Knitter's Pride needles than on the addi turbos but I don't think it will show in the arc. I think it would show if I worked half way up the back on my addis and then changed to the Knitter's Pride to finish.

The knitting was done last night while watching the season premier of Grey's Anatomy. Yes, there were a few tears shed at our house. The DVR is almost full so tonight we are going to try and get caught up. Pan Am. X Factor. Big Break. More knitting. Happy dance!!

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