Monday, September 19, 2011

New Shoes

Sorry this is going to be a short post. Beth is standing beside me putting together the Welcome Packages for Camp. She thinks that I am working on Camp.

It was a quick trip to Toronto this morning. I have the first of our Knitter's Pride needles. They look great. I am going to price them while watching Hell's Kitchen.

Yorkdale is near my suppliers so I had to stop. Had to-didn't want to. Crate and Barrel had some interesting things but I didn't have a lot of time for looking. Then I stopped in a new to me shoe store. Ron White. Mr. White-you have very nice shoes. These came home with me.
Beth saw what I am doing and asked that if I wasn't working on Camp then why should she? Good question so I had better go.


Sherri said...

You were in my hood - too bad I didn't know or we could have had lunch.

How are the joins on those needles? I haven't been able to tell from the pics. How small do they go?

Wannietta said...

I'm not a big shoe person but these are awesome!!!

Julie said...

Sherri-sorry for the delay. I just brought home a set to try. They start at 3.5mm