Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting back to work

This morning I tried to sleep in. The alarm went off for over 30 minutes and I kept hitting sleep. When the phone rang I decided it was time to get up. No one was here to make me breakfast.

Jane and I unloaded all the boxes out of the van and then Beth and I unloaded all the display items. Thank goodness there won't be any packing and unpacking for a couple of weeks. I We are getting tired of carrying boxes.

I wrote a newsletter that will be going out later tonight once Beth proofreads it.

Now that I'm thinking about it, no one made me lunch. My bed didn't get made either. Life at home sucks!!

Throughout the weekend I was making notes of things to do for next year that will make life easier/better for everyone. I decided to start a Camp blog that I will be updating with information about next year when I have the teachers and workshops worked out. When it gets closer to the date I will be posting homework and any other information that Campers will need. Camp is 52 weeks from now but time flies fast.

Here are more pictures from Camp.
My Linen Stitch class on Saturday morning 
Elizabeth teaching Beading on Saturday morning
The yarn shop that we set up

Throughout the weekend students earn 'knitting dollars'. On Saturday evening we hold a Student Fashion show and a group of ladies earned dollars by writing and singing a song for the group. It was amazing.

I don't have any knitting to report. I did take it with me and it came out of the bag long enough for me to knit two rows.

While I was in the store today another shipment of Knitter's Pride needles arrived. There are many sets of interchangeable needles which meant that I got to bring a set home for myself. If the knitting comes out tonight I will try them.

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Beth said...

It would be wonderful to travel all the way up there to a camp...It looks like so much fun!