Monday, September 12, 2011

Another new project

Yesterday afternoon I knit a ball and a half of yarn. What am I knitting?? The day after Knitters' Fair I always start a new garment. Something about the show gets me excited and I want/need something new.

I love the Ayako that Rhonda recently finished and I decided that I needed one. It won't be done in time for Camp but I might get it done for Woodstock.

I am using Liberty in colour 7899 Cloudy Dawn.

This is the front Arc Panel. If I was smart I would be using a 100cm needle (not a 60cm) and the picture would show the pattern much better.

My day was spent unpacking from the Knitters' Fair and starting the packing for Knitting Camp. Needless to say the store is still a mess! Tomorrow dad is coming to take my Camp boxes to their house. Then they will be out of the way. 

Tonight is an extremely busy TV night. Two football games, Hell's Kitchen and The Bachelor Pad. 

While watching I am sitting and working on my fashion show for Camp. We have some great garments this year!

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