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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jane's Knitting

I am sorry for anyone who has to work outside today. It is nasty. To quote Jane, "it is stinking hot out there."

Golf yesterday was good but extremely hot. For the first three hours on the course I was fine but it got really slow and we were standing in the sun quite a bit. When Beth and I were in Myrtle Beach we could golf 18 holes in 3 hours but it took over 5 hours yesterday. I started getting a migraine around the 14th hole but didn't want to take anything until we were done. There was a dinner and prizes to sit through and I didn't want to fall asleep. We got home, watched Big Brother and then I headed to bed. I did think of writing but I just couldn't do it.

Sarah was really busy while I was out.

An order came in with 6 new colours of Ondas.

Then the Rowan arrived. 9 boxes.

Rowan Magazine 50 was not in the shipment but fingers crossed Mr. UPS will be delivering it tomorrow. I am going to be at work early (normally we open at noon on Fridays) to make sure that I don't miss him.

The mini-magazines did arrive.
Purelife Home
Nordic Tweed
Winter Warmers
There are many, many bags of wool hanging around the Rowan Room right now. Sarah got some put on shelves but unfortunately we are a bit short of storage space.

Big Wool
Wool Cotton
Kidsilk Haze
Felted Tweed
Felted Tweed Aran

I will have to do some thinking tonight and tomorrow will start some creative hiding for the yarn.

The new Rowan mini-magazines are available on the website. All the yarns are up-just waiting for Korey to add the images.

Jane dropped by to show me her knitting earlier today.

It is absolutely beautiful!!

I wasn't happy with how things went on Big Brother last night. I don't want to see either lady leave. It would have been great if Jordan had nominated Brendon and Rachel. Can you imaging the antics Rachel would have pulled?

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