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Monday, July 25, 2011

I love 10mm needles

I started a new project last night while watching Big Brother. It took a bit to get going because I couldn't find the 10mm tips to my Addis. I had to go through my box of circular needles and figure out which was the 10mm. That wouldn't have been too hard except that I couldn't find my needle gauge. Anyway, I got to start knitting.

Lynda knit Lois from Kim Hargreaves' Touching Elegance magazine for the store. I love the jacket and decided that I needed one for myself. Saturday afternoon was spent debating which colour to do. Denim blue would be nice but Lynda just finished Hawthorne for me in blue. Purple. Can't go wrong with purple. Grey. Goes with everything. Red won. I have great cowboy boots with red in them and I don't wear them because red does not exist in my wardrobe. Now I will be able to wear them lots!!
I took the picture this morning outside on the deck. The colour isn't as orange as it looks here.

The yarn is Drift from Rowan.

Today was a crazy busy day. The morning was spent getting my accounting up to date. The bank is reconciled. All invoices are entered. My HST is ready to be remitted at the end of the week. These are the chores I don't want to do but they are necessary and now they are done. My dad asked me what I did today and when I told him that I worked on my accounting his comment was 'YUCK'.

Then off to the bank, post office, and a few errands for Beth.

It's Gordon Ramsey time. Hell's Kitchen and then Master Chef.  It is amazing how nice he is on one show and what a jerk he is on the other. My knitting and I are making our way upstairs. 10mm needles make me happy!

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