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Monday, July 11, 2011

Home Again

It has been a very long day. My alarm went off at 3:15 this morning. There was lots to do before going to the airport. Change the sheets on the beds. Unload the dishwasher. Take out the garbage. Finish packing our bags. Then we had to pack the car and go to mom and dads. Their neighbour Carl was there to meet us at 5 to drive us to the airport. The flight left Myrtle Beach at 7 and we landed in Niagara Falls at 8:40. Our bags came right away and we were on the way. There was no delay at the border and we were in our house by 10:30. Of course there was a stop at Tim Hortons.

We played 9 holes of golf on Saturday before a huge thunderstorm hit Myrtle Beach. They called everyone in from the course for lightening so we called it a day. I was sad because after 9 I was tied with Beth. That doesn't happen very often. :)

Yesterday Beth's back was a bit sore so we played tourist. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then a drive down Ocean Boulevard. It was the first time I have been along the strip in close to 25 years. It still looks how I remember it. Then we went to Broadway at the Beach to walk around.

Since we were playing tourist.

Yesterday I really wished that I had a little boy. We came across the most amazing store. Think Build a Bear for boys.


There are just a few stores in the US right now but I'm guessing we will see more popping up soon. Way too cool!!

You choose your car and then pimp it out.

For the fans of Cars.

There are cars for girls as well. The flowers are decals that you can add.

The rims were amazing!

You could add parts to make it remote control. We had to get out of there because Beth was very close to making a car.

Rowan Magazine 50 will be arriving soon along with the smaller magazines that Rowan produces each season.

Rowan Evolution has 12 designs from Marie Wallie, Lisa Richardson and Grace Melville.

Felted Tweed Chunky
Big Wool
Kidsilk Haze


And the interesting back of Janelle



Vivian-a long belted vest

These designs show that bulky sweaters don't have to be boxy and oversized.

I need to start working on mail orders. Tonight is the Home Run Derby. We will be sitting in front of the TV yelling for Jose Bautista. Go Joey Bats!!

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