Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My head is spinning

This is my table today.  There are piles of paper and I am trying to make lists for the Frolic.  This is actually the second time I have sat down to do this-the first set has gone missing.  What am I taking?  What do I have and what do I need?  Do I have enough hooks for the grid?  What yarn is hanging and what will be in baskets?  What patterns do I need? Do I have enough yarn?  What signs need to be made?  Where is everything going to sit in the booth?  I will end up doing the booth layout at least five times.  We get to the show and it never fits the way I want so we end up putting things where they fit.  I should take a tape measure and get the exact measurements of the booth but by the end of Saturday we are so tired we want to throw everything in the van and head home.

I received an order from Lantern Moon this afternoon with circular needles (rosewood and ebony) along with fun accessories.

Clam Shell Cases are available in five colours.  We currently have lime, blue and turquoise.
Three taffeta zip closure cases nested like Russian dolls. Lined in nylon.
Sheep Stitch Markers
Hand crocheted friends to mark your stitching. Set of 6.
I did not pick up my needles yesterday but did get lots done on Sunday.  The Masters (could have been the best golf I have watched in years), The Amazing Race (I wasn't sad to see Ron and Christina go) and Celebrity Apprentice (how does Gary Busey skate by every week?).  The linen stitch scarf is almost done.  There won't be any knitting tonight because I have a meeting.  I wonder if anyone will notice me sitting in the back corner with my needles?

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