Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love Sac

Many years ago, Beth, Bev and I went to The Mall of America for a weekend of shopping.  Love Sac had a store in the mall and Beth drooled for the weekend.  We were flying so there was no way to get the huge bean bag chair home.

You are probably lost so here is a picture of a LoveSac.  This is called The BigOne and it will seat three adults. It is 8 feet in diameter and weighs 95 pounds.  Can you imagine trying to get this on a plane?

Before Beth left for Myrtle Beach we were going over furniture for the house.  Then it hit me.  She should look online to see if LoveSac was still in business.  Yes they are and it cost her.

She ordered a PillowSac and it is being delivered to Myrtle Beach in a few weeks.
The most versatile Sac® made.  Not only does the PillowSac™ look entirely different than its Sac cousins, it outperforms them all.  The PillowSac is a giant rectangle of our most comfy shredded DuraFoam that’s the exact size of a double bed for a great guest rest.  It’s also designed to fit perfectly on top of a Rocker Frame to make sleek and sexy upright seating for two.  Without a Rocker, a PillowSac can be leaned up against a wall, laid flat on the floor, pinched into a “fortune cookie” shape or turned on its side and punched in on one end to make a “pea pod” – the most comfortable gaming chair ever, no exaggeration.  Whichever way you choose to use it, a PillowSac makes your pad a palace.
The fabric is called Fushia Berry Chenille. Purple and chenille together. This can't be a bad thing.

In Myrtle Beach the houses don't have basements. Our rec room is going to be upstairs above the garage and it is going to be decorated around the PillowSac.  Beth is quite pleased with herself.

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I LOVE the PillowSac!!!