Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Knit-and-Read Book

On Thursday afternoon we received a shipment of books including the new book Spud & Chloe at the Farm.  The patterns are extremely cute.
Thirteen knitting projects, accompanied by a read-aloud story, follow Spud, a feisty pet sheep, and Chloe, his perky owner, as they travel to a farm and meet the inhabitants of the barnyard-a farm dog, a pair of piglets, a mother hen and chicks, and more!
I just Soaked the Liberty cardigan and it is lying outside to dry. Being in a lazy mood today I didn't bother pinning it out to the proper measurements.  I just stretched it out on a towel.

While taking pictures Beth and Roko were playing Frisbee. This is Roko's favourite past time. He would play for hours if someone was silly enough to keep throwing it to him.

I love how green our back yard is. The artificial grass is still looking great.

As promised here is a picture of Dryad.  This will definitely need some blocking when it is done.

The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I highly recommend working from one of Jared's patterns.

The Frolic is less than a week away.  I posted these a few weeks ago but in case you missed them here are a few tips if you are attending

-If you don't like crowds then plan to arrive after noon.  It starts to thin out a bit and it is easier for you to get into the booths.  This could mean that you might miss out on some of the hand dyed yarns. 
-Bring your own lunch. Why waste time standing in line when you could be shopping?
-Parking can be an issue so car pool if possible
-If you see something you like write down the booth number.  It is amazing how many people are running around at the end of the day looking for xyz and they can't remember where they saw it.

And some more from the organizers of the Frolic
Tips to Make the Most of the Frolic
. Exact change for the entrance fee is appreciated.
. Bring cash and your credit card. There is no ATM on site. Note that a number of vendors will only accept cash.
. Please come prepared to carry purchased items in your own bags. Vendors must charge 5¢ per plastic bag (City of Toronto bylaw).
. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking, looking at booths, going away, and going back again - maybe several times.
. There will be a café serving coffee and light snacks on site, sponsored by the Knit Café. Take a break and enjoy yourself.
Beth and I are on our way to Burlington for Easter dinner.  It is always a great day when we can get together with family and friends.  Dinner at Aunt Rene's is an afternoon of laughter mixed with great food.

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