Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Grand Street Ink

I started writing a newsletter earlier today.  All was going well and then I lost everything.  I inserted a picture and didn't realize that the picture replaced everything that I typed.  I hit SAVE before I thought about it. No undoing now.  Yes, I am bitter.  Very mad at myself for being dumb so I am putting the computer away for a while to knit.  :)

I needed to write an email so I turned my computer back on.  An email had come through that made me very excited.

Jared Flood (brooklyntweed) has designed a shawl that is stunning.

Read more about the shawl including Jared's comments on the Lorna's Laces blog.

The pattern is called Rock Island and can be purchased on Ravelry or on Jared's website. Once I finish my post I will be buying it.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces Helens Lace and the colour is Grand Street Ink. From Beth at Lorna's Laces
It's here, it's here! I'd like to introduce Grand Street Ink, the latest in our Color Commentary Series. It's a really rich, wine-y brown-y purple-y beauty.
And another comment Beth made about the colour
We're so excited to announce the newest color in our Color Commentary Series, Grand Street Ink.  GSI is collaboration between Lorna's Laces and Jared Flood.  The inspiration for it came from the graffiti on Grand Street in Brooklyn.  There are lots of deep indigos and blacks in the work there.  We started with that idea and went back and forth until we came up with this wonderful deep inky, purply shade. I hope you like it 
The colour has been ordered and will be here by the end of the month.

Last night Beth and I watched last weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy. What is going on?  The singing was seriously awful.  Grey's is a drama. If I want to watch singing there is Glee and American Idol.  I hope this week is better.

I am looking forward to Survivor tonight.  Merging week is always great.


emmacole1979 said...

That is the prettiest shawl I have seen in a long time! I really want to knit it...

sarina said...

I just came across this shawl pattern yesterday, it's spreading like wildfire I guess! I am loooving it and am going to join the Rock Island KAL on Ravelry. Anywoo, I think I read in another post about you having a booth at Knitter's Frolic and I'm hoping that means you will have the Grand Street Ink colorway for sale there? :D pretty please!

Julie said...

I have ordered the Grand Street Ink (in Helen's Lace and Shepherd Sock) and should have it for the Frolic. I am saying should just in case it gets stuck in Canada Customs.

sarina said...

Great! I'll be crossing my fingers that it arrives safe and sound, thank you! :)