Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today was crazy in the store but we are almost packed.  I have come to the realization that the madelinetosh yarns are not going to be here in time.  I just checked online and they are still sitting in Canada Customs. There is absolutely nothing we can do. There is no one to call. They work at their own pace. Don't worry though.  We will have lots of tosh dk, tosh merino dk, tosh pashmina and tosh sock in the booth.

Mr. UPS brought a package from indigirl today with patterns and two garments for the Frolic-Every Last Yard and Ravinia.  They are great. Kits are made for both in great colours.

A shipment of Kollage Square needles arrived this afternoon.  They are priced and packed.

The store is an absolute disaster.  I can't wait for Friday morning when it will be neat again.  Okay, as neat as the store can be.  :)  Cathy is working on Friday and Saturday so you know it will be in order.

Last night I took out my Ebony Lantern Moon Interchangeable needles and put them in my case from Offhand Designs.

Each slot has the size on it to make it easy keeping track of the needles.

There is an empty slot because the 6.5mm are in use.  It was a late night watching hockey so I cast on a scarf for Beth.  I am using Naturally Aran Tweed and making a linen stitch scarf. 400 stitches were cast on and three rows were done before the overtime goal.

I need to hit Publish because we have another overtime game.

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