Friday, April 22, 2011


I started to do a bit of house shopping online.  When we go to Columbus for TNNA there is an amazing store called The Great Indoors.  They have anything and everything for the home.

I went to their website and found a shower curtain that I liked.

Mom and Beth decided to do the bathrooms in a light brown/beige/cream/?? colour.  It was easier to make the room neutral and then pick out fun accessories.

The hooks for the curtain.  Beth and I bought a shower curtain in the store a few years ago and we picked it because they have great matching hooks.

I had to have the matching bath rug.

The best part was that I picked these out last week and when I ordered them yesterday they were on sale. Then there was an extra 10% off this weekend.  Bonus!!

Late yesterday afternoon a box came in with a poster for a new Noro book.  I didn't know we were getting another one this spring.  I called the distributor and they knew nothing about the book.  Can't tell me when it is coming.  Can't tell me the yarns that are used.  All they can say is that sometime we will have it.

It is from Jenny Watson so I know there will be amazing designs.  From the colour combination on the cover jacket I am guessing it is knit in Silk Garden Lite.

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Wannietta said...

I'm totally going to find this house & run away to it!!!