Friday, October 15, 2010

It's done

Okay, almost done.  I didn't think the scarf needed to be blocked until I looked at this picture and it definitely needs a bath in Soak. The fringe needs to be trimmed as well.

This afternoon was spent casting off 500 stitches.  I didn't read the pattern before starting (shocker) and had about 20 stitches cast off when I decided that I didn't like how it looked.  I was doing a regular cast off with one colour.  After reading the pattern that said to cast off in pattern (knit one, take the yarn to the front, slip one, take the yarn to the back) I took out what I had done and started again.  All was going well until I knit two stitches in a row which threw off the pattern.  More ripping out.  At 6pm I finally had all stitches cast off and looking good.

I used Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace.  The yarn is self striping which makes the scarf look like it was woven on a loom.

I started going back through older posts to see if there was something that I should have talked about but didn't.  Guess what-I forgot to tell you about the four new colours of Mini Mochi that are in the store.

300 Jessica's Crayon Box
303 Spice Market
304 Bodega Bay (the colour of my scarf)
305 Caramel Latte

There was something else I forgot to talk about.  A new yarn from Noro arrived this week-Kogarashi.
51% silk
39% wool

This fabulous cabled hooded coat is the cover garment of Jenny Watson's new book Noro Style.

Another great pattern from the magazine knit in Kogarashi.

All colours are in the store.  I was a very good person and did not take any home.  I really wanted to and it could/will happen but not quite yet.  This makes me feel like there is a bit of willpower in my body.  :)


Unknown said...

The scarf looks great Julie - Good Job!!

OMG - I love both of those Noro jackets!! I am exercising willpower with you ...

Lena said...

Your scarf is beautiful. Good job.