Saturday, June 12, 2010

Norah Gaughan Volume 7

You are reading the time correctly-it is one in the morning.  After dinner we got talking in the lobby and I am finally in Bev's room ready to go to sleep.

Berroco sent out an email last week previewing the new books for fall.  I was waiting to show the pictures until I saw the garments in real life.

Yesterday was set up day for the show and we were helping Trendsetter/Naturally set up their booth.  This let me see a few things early.  To get to the booth I had to walk by the Berroco booth.  Norah was working away so I didn't get to talk with her but I did take a look at her new garments for fall.  I can't wait for the books to arrive in a couple of weeks.

This is Ametista knit in Ultra Alpaca.

While I am away Jane and Cathy will be going through the Ultra Alpaca so that I can make sure the website is up to date when the book arrives.

Quarzo knit in 6209 Moonshadow.

From Berroco's website

Inspired by crystals, geodes and gemstones, vol. 7 is a unified vision of 17 pieces with geometric motifs and embossed textures. Knit with the Ultra Alpaca range with touches of Lustra for glimmering shine.

Venadinite combines Charcoal Mix with Redwood Mix.

The pictures look good but the garments in real life are amazing!!

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Sally said...

LOVE that Ametista. (It looks like it would disguise my butt very well! ! ! !)