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Friday, May 14, 2010

Spud & Chloe-new for fall

I was just on the phone ordering some Spud & Chloe and we got talking about the new colours and patterns for fall.  They will be previewed at TNNA and I should have them in the store by the end of June.

Grape Jelly

Hedge (green)
Rocket (red)

In Sock there are two new colours but Karen was talking so fast I didn't get them written down.  I think one was Mushroom and another was a red.

I asked about adding purple in Outer and Fine and she said that if they get enough requests they will consider it for spring.

I am working away on Springtime Bandit.  I thought I would have it done yesterday but didn't take into consideration that every row has more stitches than the last so the rows are taking much longer to knit.  Maybe tonight.

My plans are to have a newsletter finished over the weekend as well.  I have just about everything from the Frolic back in its proper place in the store (or its new home if I moved it) so I can move onto another task.

How about Survivor?  Will Russell make it to the end?  Everyone talks about getting rid of him and then somehow he convinces them that he should stay and someone else should go.  Unbelievable.  He has to go down as the best Survivor player ever!!

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Sally said...

I agree about Russell. He deserves to win this. I can't believe how he keeps surviving. AMAZING! Can"t wait until Sunday.