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Thursday, May 27, 2010

No knitting at knitting class

I was a little bit tired this morning.  Last night we had the last knitting class before summer at my house. These ladies have been with me for years so we always make the last class a fun one. Everyone looks very serious here but most of the night was spent laughing.

Monday morning I am flying to New York City with Bev. She is looking after a photo shoot for Filatura di Crosa so I am going along to help. Jane and Cathy will be working in the store for me. I like to leave them notes (just in case) so I have been working on that this afternoon. I tried to think of every question they could possibly have.  My other chore has been making sure that every yarn has a price tag on the shelf.  Hopefully everything is in order.

Of course there are other things that need to be done before I can leave.  Nails-tonight.  Feet-tomorrow morning before the store opens.  Hair-Saturday afternoon.  At some point I should start thinking about what clothes I am going to take.

Just spoke to my dad and he had a long hot day working outside.  They poured concrete in this heat and he is in desperate need of a beer so we are having family dinner at Jack Astor's.  A beer at home just won't cut it!!

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Wannietta said...

Silly Julie - no matter what there will always be something that is not covered in the notes!!