Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving Day

It is 9am and I have been at work for over an hour.  Beth is flying to Montreal this morning and was up at 5.  I set my alarm as well because she was very paranoid that she would sleep through her alarm.  She left at 6 and I had two choices-go back to sleep for two hours or get my day going.  Sometimes if I go back to sleep in the morning I wake up feeling yucky so I decided to get moving.

Most of the yarn is unpacked but not yet put away.  I am shifting yarns for a new look.  This is actually creating even more of a mess.  There is yarn piled everywhere!!!

I totally forgot in yesterdays blog post that we have a new book in the store from Cabin Fever.

From Cabin Fever's website:
This booklet has sweaters and accessories for teens & tweens aged 8 to 18! For boys and girls. Ethusiastic Beginner to Advanced. Stripes, cables and lace. You can knit some from the bottom up and some are knit from the top down and one is knit in multiple directions. Four sweaters: a unisex, Top Down pullover, a Top Down cardigan with 3 sleeve lengths, a pretty lace tunic knit from the bottom up and a wonderful cabled hoodie for boys and girls, knit in multiple directions.
Accessories include scarves, a tam, beanie, mittlets, boot caps, neck warmers and leggings!
Knit from the bottom up AND top down.

It is now 1pm and I am sitting for a minute to eat lunch.  Here are some pictures of my rearranging.

Fresco from Classic Elite has a new home in the front window.

Lion and Lamb from Lorna's Laces lives above the Fresco.  You will be hearing more about Lion and Lamb in the coming weeks.  I have two skeins set aside to knit a shawl for TNNA (the trade show that I will be going to in June).

Dyed and Multi Cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas sits inside the front door.

There are still some boxes hanging around so I had better get back to work.  Orders need to be placed for patterns (Churchmouse) and yarn (Prism Saki-sock yarn that we used for the Ruffles scarf).  I ordered Shepherd Sock from Lorna's Laces on Sunday-Linen Stitch scarf.

Speaking of the Linen Stitch Scarf, Jane whipped this up for the Frolic.  I gave her the yarn a week and a half ago and asked (nicely) if she could have it done for the show and in true Jane fashion she worked and worked and got it done.

Here is a close up.

I wore this scarf at the Frolic and love it!!  It is hanging in the store (for now).

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